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Authorized Delivery Partners

If You Love Working with Kids...

Become a Kidproof Delivery Partner and Join Hundreds of Businesses Around the World

KPDPKidproof Child Safety’s Authorized Delivery Program is designed to enable child focused organizations to deliver Kidproof’s exclusive, proactive child safety programs directly to their communities.

Benefits of the Authorized Kidproof Delivery Partner Program

By offering a Kidproof child safety program through your organization you will be:

  • Directly contributing to increasing the safety awareness of children in your community
  • Offering exclusive programs which draw awareness and customers to your organization
  • Demonstrating to your customers that you are committed to their well being
  • Generating new and vital revenueSubmit application

Nursery School GirlWho Can Become an Authorized Delivery Partner?

The Authorized Delivery Partner program is available to organizations across North America, Australia and the UK. (for other locations please contact the local office directly)

These may include but are not limited to Libraries, Day Care Centers, Recreation Centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, Youth Clubs, Play Centers, YMCA, YWCA, and Camps.


  • Must be a registered non-profit or commercial organization
  • Must have willing staff or volunteers to become certified in programs selected
  • Must have a means to promote the programs to their community
  • Must have a lead contact to supply to Kidproof for communication
  • Must have general business liability insurance

What are Kidproof Lesson Plan Packs?

Kidproof Lesson Plan Packs are complete Turn-Key comprehensive safety education packages that area designed to engage students and cover subject specific information.  Each courses is designed with the learner’s age in mind and key messages are reinforced through role play, games and group interaction.

Kidproof programs are non-threatening and empowering and have been trusted by millions of kids around the world for over a decade. At Home Alone

Lesson Plans include (all in Digital Form for immediate download)

  • Teacher Overview
  • Full Turn-Key Lesson Plan (just open and start teaching!)
  • Reproducible teacher resources (flash cards etc.) when applicable
  • Reproducible student worksheets
  • Copy of storybook (where applicable)

How Does the Licensing Work?

Our easy Multi-Use License allows Delivery Partners to charge a fee for attenance earning extra revenue for their business, organization, school or fundraiser.

How Much Are the Licenses?

Licenses are valid for one calendar year and must be renewed each year to be valid.  Check out our programs and each fee here >>>>

Multi-Use License Only

If you intent on offering any educational programs for a fee to either private groups or public forums, you must hold a Multi-Use License for each subject you offer. The Multi-Use License grants you rights to deliver the materials exactly as written, for commercial purposes.

It does not grant you the right to represent yourself as a partner, joint venture or authorized personnel or certified teacher either employed or volunteer of Kidproof.

A Multi-Use License is valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase and must be renewed annually 30 days prior to expiry date.

A Multi-Use License must be purchased for each subject delivered for a fee and are valid for one location or one teacher only.  If you have multiple teachers teaching in multiple facilites you will need one license for each facility.

For Extended Rights and Multiple Users please contact us at
Extended Rights
Kidproof Safety International


Are there Student Books?BBS-SCP

Reproducible student materials are included in each Lesson Plan Pack.  However many of our student books can be purchased by Delivery Partners.  All courses exept the Babysitter Handbook have “optional” materials. The only course that requires you to purchase one (1) book PER STUDENT is the Kidproof Babysitters Training Program.

The only course that requires you to purchase one (1) book PER STUDENT is the Kidproof Babysitters Training Program.

What subjects do you offer?

We have many Subject Specific Lesson Plan Packs covering a variety of subjects for students in Kindergarten thru Grade 8.  Click to search Lesson Plan Packs.

What are Your Most Popular Courses?

All of our safety programs are important and popular however, our BIG THREE in North America are:

  • At Home Alone
  • At Home Alone with First Aid
  • Kidproof Babysitters Training

Who makes a great Delivery Partner?

Children’s fun centers
Daycare or preschool groups
Large corporations with family benefits
Citywide Parks and Recreation Departments
Children’s based franchise businesses
Local First Aid providers
Children’s enrichment businesses
School boards and districts

Any business that caters to kids and families that want to teach safety and charge a fee for a class can benefit from offering Kidproof programs to their communities.testimonials

We’re ready! How do we register?

Applying to become a Kidproof Delivery Partner is quick and easy! Just fill out the form below, and we will be in touch with you within one business day.

Can an Individual Apply?

No.  However,  you may qualify for the Certified Instructor Program.  Read more here >>

Who makes a great Delivery Partner?

Host-a-Kidproof-Class-205x300Children’s fun centers
Daycare or preschool groups
Large corporations with family benefits
Citywide Parks and Recreation Departments
Children’s based franchise businesses
Local First Aid providers
Children’s enrichment businesses
School boards and districts

Any business that caters to kids and families that want to teach safety and charge a fee for a class can benefit from offering Kidproof programs to their communities.

Certified Teacher Program


Train to become a Certified Teacher for Kidproof Today!

gIRL 2

Benefits to becoming a Kidproof Safety Teacher:

By offering a Kidproof child safety program in your area, you are directly contributing to increasing the safety awareness of children in your community. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you have helped keep a child safe.

  • Work flexible hours
  • Excellent income potential
  • We handle all the registrations and customer service, leaving you to do what you do best – teach!

The Kidproof Safety Teacher program is flexible, fun, and can be financially rewarding.




Download application

How much money can I make?

That depends on how many students you enroll and the number of classes you book and complete.  Your commission can be as high as 70% of registration fees (minus materials).

What programs can I teach?

Kidproof provides a wide spectrum of proactive and preventative child safety programs to children and parents from ages 5 – 16. However, the Kidproof Safety Teacher Program is currently only available for our top Single subjects in North America (other locations may vary):

• Babysitter Training
• At Home Alone Safety Training

Do you train us on how to teach, promote the courses and book classes?

Yes! Once you are approved, you will be placed in an upcoming Fundamentals and Certification Online Training Program.

Here you will learn what it takes to build a following in your community —how to set up classes, promote the programs, enroll students, and build community awareness.

You’ll receive support from Kidproof through your Education Coordinator, newsletters and by connecting through the Kidproof Community.

How long is the Certification Training?

Kidproof Certified Teacher Training is broken into two sections: Pre-Requisite Training & Course Certifications.



KPASS Certification

This is a mandatory training program for all Certified Kidproof Instructors and includes exclusive training in Working with Kids, Child Abuse Training, and Policy and Procedure.

Training is completed on-line through Kidproof U and successful students will receive a Certificate upon completion.  All components of the training must be completed and you must achive a minimum of 80% passing grade.

Fundamentals Training

This mandatory module on understanding Kidproof and our unique approach to safety is completed online through self –study modules, reading and quizzes. Here you will learn how to promote your programs, reach out to your community, as well as policy and procedure and pay schedule.

All Certified Instructors must complete and successfully pass the Fundamentals Program to achieve their Certification.

Once you have completed the Fundamentals and KPASS training – you are ready to go out into your community and start booking classes!


Program Certification Training

Once you have successfully completed the Pre-Requisite training you will be placed in an “approved que” for training to teach our courses.

You must have a class booked before you can commence training in a specific course subject.

Once we have received confirmation of a course booking, you will be automatically assigned all course materials and training for the specific subject.  This training is completed online through Kidproof U and must be successfully completed prior to teaching a program.

womanWhat is the application process?

There are three (3) stages to the application process and is typically completed within one week.

Fill out the full application with attached supporting documents. (Click here).  We will review your application and contact you for further information.

A Kidproof Education Coordinator will confirm that there are openings in your area, and if so, she will review your credentials and ensure that you have all the required skills, experience, and supporting documents to make a great teacher.

She will contact you to schedule a time for a phone call (SKYPE Video Call required). You can discuss any questions you have directly with her. She is there to help you get through the application process smoothly and on your way to starting your Certification.

Once approved (subject to background, reference and applicatoin review) you will receive a Kidproof Safety Teacher Agreement to review. This is a simple document that lays out both parties’ responsibilities and expectations.

Download application

Do You Qualify?

All *Applicants and Certified Kidproof Instructors must meet the following minimum qualifications to be considered:

  • Minimum of 19 years old
  • Have previous teaching experience with references
  • Able to submit a criminal record, check free of any convictions
  • Submit to a background and reference check
  • Outgoing and dynamic communication skills
  • Hold a valid Emergency First Aid certification or higher
  • Clear and high quality character references

*Please note the above qualifications are for North America and may vary depending on country. Please contact your local branch for further information.

What do I need to get started?

Getting started is easy! You need to have a passion for working with kids and a desire to set your own schedule. You will also need to do an evaluation of your needs and expectations.

If you are looking for a part-time opportunity, that will help contribute to the safety of kids in your area, while earning extra income, this may be the perfect fit for you.

Download application

International Distributors


Exclusive International Distribution Licenses for Qualified Businessese

business womanChild safety is a timeless, global, and fundamental need that is on the mind of every parent. Whether they have a newborn baby or a school-aged child, a parent’s top priority is to do whatever it takes to ensure their child is safe. However, in today’s changing world, parents find it hard to keep up with what works and what doesn’t.

Now more than ever, the need for current, effective and relative safety education has never been stronger. Our children live in a world in which is different than when their parents were kids. Children need to learn critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and the ability to make safe choices in potentially unsafe situation if they are going to stay safe.

Kidproof safety programs are a fundamental need for children and families alike. But what makes us even more special, is that our programs are never scary, and always non-threatening, empowering and entertaining!


Submit application



What is a Distribution License?

The Kidproof Distribution Partnership allows entrepreneurs to operate their business under a License model allowing them to reach into their country and address specific needs unique to them.

A Licensee is responsible for sell-through of products and services directly throughout the protected territory. The Licensee typically has well established contacts in the education/child sector and has the experience and financial ability to scale the business through a centralized business model without ongoing direction and assistance from KP HQ.

If you are looking for a way to contribute to the well being of your community, and want to build a business around a socially conscious and valuable brand – Kidproof may be the right business for you!

See What our Partners are up to

Kidproof is proud to work closely with a select group of individuals and businesses around the world that are committed to providing world-class safety education that increases the well being of children in their region.

Please visit our Partners Page to learn more about their work.Kp International







Join Us!

Our goal is to reach every child in the world. To on becoming an exclusive Kidproof Distributor in your country, please send us an email and tell us a little about yourself, or fill out the Application. We will be back to you right away!

If you would prefer to speak to someone right away, please call our International License Development Office at 1+604-605-0522 or email

Submit application







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