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Kidproof was formed in 2000 by Samantha Wilson, a former police officer and internationally recognized expert in child and family safety.

As a cop, Samantha received informative, cutting-edge child safety information that was only being shared by law enforcement and other helping agencies. The information was not “top secret” but had no way of reaching those who needed it most – the kids. So she formed Kidproof to do just that.

What started as a small community service in Canada, Kidproof has grown to have international reach and is becoming the driving force in proactive and preventative child safety education on a global scale.

founderAbout our Founder

As an internationally recognized expert in child and family safety, award winning social entrepreneur, speaker, author, and founder of Kidproof International she now uses her expertise to help protect kids, families and communities from predators, pedophiles, pornographers, murderers, abuse, abduction, accidents and accidental deaths.

Intelligent and dynamic, Samantha Wilson is the Founder and President of Kidproof Safety, an International education company that delivers proactive and preventative child and family safety education directly to communities around the world.

Through Kidproof courses, seminars, books, licensees and strategic partners, Kidproof reaches millions of parents, educators and children each year.

“I formed Kidproof for one reason…to help protect kids.”

Samantha is a much sought after expert guest for both radio and print. Her advice and expert opinion has appeared on both national and international media. She is the author of best selling book Safe Kids Safe Families (Harper Collins).

As a speaker, she has toured North America speaking to parents, educators and children about how to stay safe and worked with industry leaders such as Microsoft, The Learning Annex, and The Power Within.

The Kidproof “Whole Approach” to Safety Education

Kidproof takes the “whole” approach to safety education and believes that a truly safe child has safe parents, safe teachers, and safe role models. We create programs that address all subjects from the point of view of all parties, completing the cycle and maximizing positive results.

Our programs are delivered through partnerships ranging from International Licensees, distributors, delivery partners, strategic partnerships or through train-the-trainer model direct to school districts.

Connecting To Communities Through Local Partnerships

The team at Kidproof works tirelessly in their quest to achieve our goal of delivering proactive safety education to every single child. We know this is a massive goal, that we can’t do it alone, and need the help of people like you to help us reach it.

See What our Partners Are Up To

Kidproof is proud to work closely with a select group of individuals and businesses around the world that are committed to providing world-class safety education that increases the well being of children in their region.

Kp International







Join Us!

Our goal is to reach every child in the world.  If you are interested in becoming an exclusive Kidproof Distributor in your country, please send us an email and tell us a little about yourself, or fill out the Application. We will get back to you right away!

If you would prefer to speak to someone right away, please call our International License Development Office at 1+604-605-0522 or email

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Pay it Forward Ceremonoy 2015

Rewarding Student Excellence in Safe Choices and Safety Education

Kidproof believes in the boundless potential of every young person to inspire the people around them to harness the vision of truth, justice and humanity for all.  We wish for a world of peace over power, of finding ways to reconcile our differences, and of living with respect  for each other, despite our differences in culture, religion or creed.

The Pay It Forward Competition celebrtes student’s participation in Kidproof’s Protect Ed Safety Education Curriculum, and inspires to develop their ability to understand the power they have to impact profound change in the world.

The competition was launched in 104 Private schools in Lebanon. Each classroom was asked to submit one entry representing the best work of the class. Over 140 competition submissions were received from classrooms and thousands of Lebanese students.

Over $10,000 was awarded to the 16 winning classrooms, through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes for each competition. The monetary prizes went towards enhancing the classroom conditions of the winning school, or went directly to improving the living conditions of a specific community group as chosen by the students.


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Our child safety classes are fun, entertaining and memorable. Kids learn through role play, scenarios and group work to help develop their critical thinking skills that will last a lifetime.


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Kidproof Safety’s highly acclaimed Protect Ed K-12 Safety Curriculum, becomes mandatory training throughout Lebanon in September

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